The North American Racewalking Institute (NARI), established by Elaine P. Ward in 1992 as a subsidiary of her North American Racewalking Foundation (NARF, established in 1986), is a 501.c3 non-profit, tax-exempt, philanthropic organization dedicated to assisting college age and younger elite racewalkers in their quest for national and international prominence in racewalking. NARI's funds, used for this purpose, are generated solely through tax-deductible donations from individuals, groups, corporations, trusts, endowments, and other such entities whose common goal is to assist in the development of a strong North American, US only at this time, contingent of junior and open elite athletes who are training for their respective national teams, Olympic Trials, and Olympic Games.

NARI was instrumental in funding the ARCO Olympic Training Center for racewalkers in Chula Vista, CA, in the 1990's including subsidizing the salary for the racewalk coach and travel-training expenses of some of the Olympic athletes in the Sydney Games. NARI has an 18-year history of financially supporting elite racewalking athletes from youth through juniors to collegiate and some post collegiate athletes.

Attention Juniors!
2017 NARI Junior Elite Camp Invitation, 2017 Application and Flyer.